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Cortal Consors Launches Home Advice Channel

Cortal Consors announces the creation of a subsidiary Cortal Consors Select, a network of exclusive, non-salaried financial investment advisors (CIFs) that can be consulted at home. This network, dedicated to loyalty as prospecting, completes a commercial device consists of a direct contact by phone and Internet and a set of 12 outlets baptized “Heritage Village”. 
Organized as franchisseurs , the CIF will have the support of the course mark but also customer contacts, assistance for prospecting, a dedicated marketing, a hot line etc.

Furthermore, the CIF has a full range of financial investments, selected from all market players and complementary to that of Cortal, especially in real estate and tax optimization products.

These mobile bankers offer a personalized and highly flexible, adapted to modern lifestyles of customers, while relying on the historical distribution channels of our society ” – explains Benedict Gommard, CEO of Cortal Consors France. .

the objective is to have in France, by 2013 a network of 500 CIF throughout France. The German subsidiary successfully launched a similar network in 2004 which already has 160 members and manages 1 billion euros of capital.