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The Grand Voyageur program developed by CRM Services attracts its subscribers

Over 300 000 subscribers (about 385,000) intend to renew their loyalty card …
One year after the launch of the Grand Voyageur Club card, the subsidiary in charge of customer loyalty programs SNCF, reveals the results A satisfaction study. It reveals very satisfied subscribers. At the head of the most successful services: Grands Voyageurs lounges that welcome 700,000 visitors annually. 

That said, for more than 2/3 of Grands Voyageurs obtaining “free award tickets” by the cumulative S’Miles points is the main reason for their membership even if for more than half, the travel services remain Strongly perceived as driving elements of the program.

Moreover since the beginning of the month, the Widget TGV & Moi offers useful information streams divided into 4 sections: the schedules and bookings, traffic, their space “fidelity” and links dedicated to travel.