The Cons Of Private Tutoring In English Tuition Centers In Singapore

With the increase in demand for English lessons in Singapore, many English tuition centers have started offering private lessons to the eager citizens. Although private English tutoring comes along with many benefits ranging from its convenience, flexibility, quality services, and personalized services among others. It comes along with it some cons which you need to weigh in case you want to start your English lessons. This article therefore will delve into these cons, in order to give you the chance to weigh them and choice the perfect path for your learning. Below are some of these cons.


The number one disadvantage that private English tutoring in the Singapore’s English tuition centers is the expense. In order to get the quality services of the English tutors, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets compared to the tradition centers. This expense is to cater for the personalized services, fare in case your tutor is coming to your house, and payment of the overtime and working at odd hours. However, it goes without saying that the high cost of private English tutoring in Singapore is to cater for quality services and therefore you will get state of the art services for your payments.

Limited safety

With increased cases of criminal activities all over the world not only in Singapore, people feel insecure letting in people they don’t know to their houses. Nobody want to be in the house with a stranger whom you have no relationship with. This is because the said tutor can turn out to hurt you or steal from you. That is why it is advisable before choosing your English tutor, you need to do a background check of the kind of person that they are. You don’t want to let a thug in your house, in the excuse of learning the English language. Your safety ought to be your number one priority, therefore make sure that your tutor is a responsible and trustworthy person before opening the door for him or her.

Limited interactions

Interactions are a very important component in people’s lives, this is because it helps them connect with other people by socializing The traditional English classes offers this in that you meet with different people from different regions and therefore you can share ideas. However, private English tuitions curtails the socialization because the teacher teaches you while you are alone or comes into your home. This therefore makes you miss out on the important connections which you would have made in case you attended a public English classes. Making connections is an ideal part of life as the friends you make can help you in future in your career.

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